turntables + violin = ?

going in step with the previous post...check out this cat on the violin with the dj in the back, putting together some perfect melodies for some classic hip hop tracks.

flutebox & beardyman

some of uk's finest beatboxers. i don't think it gets any better than this.

the best is the last piece when they do it together. "the only thing that they had to protect themselves against the beasts of the jungle is that most fundamental of human capacities...rhythm."


dark night of the soul

here's another pretty spectacular album.

it comes out next week. it's definitely been called one of the most mysterious projects of 2009. a little odd for an album, i know. but check it. it's been this top secret collab between danger mouse (grey album, gnarls barkley) and mark linkous of sparklehourse (does a lot of production for radiohead). and somehow, they pulled in gangster filmmake david lynch in to put together a really interesting album. it's a very acquired taste per se, but definitely worth the listen.

it's pretty crazy. so the album is supposed to be released with a book of photos by david lynch. but there's a bunch of legal disputes between multiple labels and there's even discussion that the album may never be officially released. but they are going to release the book of photos with a blank recordable cd. the cd's will be labeled "for legal reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. use it as you will."

here's an article on NPR that talks about the album, and how it developed. the album is also streamed on this site.

you can also check out the project's official website: http://www.dnots.com/

new drake

canadian rapper and famed actor from degrassi, drake is making a lot of noise this year. arguably owning one of the best mix tapes out right now, he's put out one more...the drought is over.

the official album, thank me later is slated to come out in 2010 or earliest next christmas., being produced by jay-z and lil wayne.

you can download the mixtape here: the drought is over


pretty wings

it's been eight long long years since maxwell has put out a track. in 2001, he was known for the track "this woman's work" and somewhere between then and 1999, he put himself on the map with the remarkable single "fortunate."

things have changed since then, with the afro gone, but the neo-soul is there. maxwell is finally back. with an album slated for july, entitled "BLACK" maxwell has just released his first single in - i'm going to say it again, because maxwell is a musical genius - eight years. and it's about time.

and honestly, after listening to this track, it was definitely worth the wait. just last week he released the single and video, which in itself has it's own artistic essence even without the track. check out the video for "pretty wings."

wale music video

check out the photos taken on the set for wale's music video for the track "chillin" featuring lady gaga.

lots of different sneakers and shoes, haha. you can check out the pics courtesy of the boston phoenix.

click here for the gallery.


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