if you're in la this weekend, this is where you should be.

stars and stripes project

this is unreal. adrian champion, a hip hop head tells a story on his site of how he came across the white stripes later than most people, and was fully enamored by their music. being a fan of hip hop, he realized he needed to do something so other hip hop fanatics who would maybe not even know who the white stripes were...would be educated.

so he did it. with samples and remixes.

with jay z, nas, mop, mos def, pharoah monche, busta rhymes, kanye west, redman, eminem, common, outkast, biggie and tupac. check out the trailer here:

you can download the album at www.starsandstripesproject.com


look up in the sky

check out lupe giving michigan a small taste of what the new album "lasers" is going to sound like.

hottest in the hood

this very well could be the hottest rap track of the year.

Red Cafe has been slowly on the come up with paper touching remix and various features on big new york street singles such as conglomerate by busta and big baller by mach 10.

Red Cafe signed with Akon last year to Konvikt Music and just recently finalized a joint venture that will land him with both Akon and now Diddy's Bad Boy Record Label.

Check the Remix Preview in the Youtube Below.

There will be 3 remix releases similar to Busta Rhyme's Touch It record.

The First Remix Features: Jadakiss, Diddy, Rick Ross, Fabolous,and OJ da Juiceman (who unfortunately ruins this particular remix)

you can get it here

wale gettin it

if you haven't listened to any of wale's mixtapes, then you are slacking. this dc native totally gets it, and his music is pure. his lyrics are eloquently on point. and he just is straight up dope across every board.

he's got two mixtapes circulating right now, everywhere. you've got "the mixtape about nothing" and "100 miles and running" both equally good in their own eclectic right. his album is supposed to be released this coming summer, entitled "attention deficit."

dude is currently on tour, and has a track getting major play on all the radios, "chillin" featuring lady gaga.

last night, he kinda leaked some info about his upcoming album...and needless to say he's got a lot of people on the album. here's just some of the few people he's got on the record:

- qtip
- jazmine sullivan
- k'naan
- melanie fiona
- joe budden
- bun
- cool and dre
- colin munroe
- tre and ucb

and there's still more out there. pay attention to this man...he's going to be making some news.


kobe doin' work

new documentary about kobe


best beat boxer ever?

lil asian kid has alot of work ahead of him...

MC Zani - 08 Beat Box UK champ, opening up for British South Asian R&B Sensation Jay Sean (recently signed to Cash Money Records to re-release his album in the States).

This is at Hity Na Czasie in Poland (Over 100,000 people in the audience)


kanye is amazing

new music video for kanye's track "amazing." directed by hype williams.

it's an interesting video, with great back drops. check it. peep the interview at the end.

mean beat box

this kid is the best beat boxer i have ever seen.

james jarvis - onwards

James Jarvis is a British illustrator that was originally inspired by classic cartoons like Popeye. Taking animations into his own hands, Jarvis has been known to create his own 3D casts of characters and shoot them into their own imaginary worlds, giving each character their own role, and sometimes personality.

Most recognized for his action figures for AmosToys, his seld-created figures are typically characterized by simplistic bodies, large rounded heads. SImply put, Jarvis is an animator and illustrator that should be appreciated for the ages.

Nike has teamed up with Jarvis to create a small short film (hopefully more to come) of a simple runner. Watching the short, we follow the runner through various landscapes, creative animation and good music. The short film is called "Onwards."

credits: hypebeast


libby cataldi

though simply designed, another taacit project comes completed for libby cataldi, author of a new memoir set to release at the end of this month. the memoir tracks the story of libby and her son, jeff through his drug and alcohol addiction.

the site was not difficult to design, but working with 2 people simple inspired by growth, an emotional journey had to be documented within the site. while the aspirations for creative design are always the goal, spreading the message of growth and energy was definitely the task in designing libby cataldi's site.

the book is entitled, stay close: a mother's story of her son's addiction.

you can get more info on the book, and pre-order at the site.



love the future

chester french's album dropped yesterday, and it's superb. these two harvard school kids from boston have been making a lot of noise with their mixtape a couple weeks ago, and now their debut album off of pharrel's star trak records.

album's entitled "love the future."

an album you definitely need to go get.


dat new cudi

it's been a minute...been all over the place lately, but there's a lot of good music and life going on out there... so ima try to catch up a bit. kid cudi put out a new mix tape last week... here's the trailer video they did for it. pretty cool.

kinda like a big deal

clipse always been on fire add kanye cocky rap and you get this


billboard wars part 2

bmw has since then removed their billboard...haha

r. les/fab/keri hilson

really nice studio session

Ryan, Fab & Keri Studio Session from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

reflection eternal

Kweli and Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal) - Back Again

kweli does his thing..as usual


billbaord wars

i have to say...this is absolutely creative.

audi has a lot of billboards out there with the new A4, and making a knock at BMW. so what does bmw do? go right back at it...on the same block.


like a bosss

enough said.


gay fish

kanye on south park...


how it was supposed to be

ryan leslie already made a video for this track...but he made another one, simply because he had another idea, and wanted to do it. this time around though, there was no budget for it...so he produced, directed and created it on his own...midway through the project, he pulled tyson beckford into the project to help direct it.

check it out.

How It Was Supposed To Be (Military Version) from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

mos def - wow

mos def on camera, telling the world he can beat jay-z and lil wayne on a freestyle battle.

whoa. he's a little...hmm...what's the word?

get to the 8 minute mark and watch mos flow... as outlandish as he is right here...i think he could freestyle with the best of them.

the ecstatic - june 9, 2009...can't wait.

eminem is back

first single and video off his upcoming album. goodness, so much better than crack the bottle.


new lupe album

apparently, all the speculation of "lupE.N.D." and "everywhere" and this and that...yada yada is all done.

lupe's new album is called "lasers."

for now.

eminem's back?

maybe it's close?

credits: wedoitrightmag

chocolate box

i don't think prince will ever stop making music. he may change his name again...but the music will never stop. here's his new video...featuring q-tip in the video...unfortunately, q-tip doesn't have a flow on it...which woulda been pretty smooth.

poke her face

kid cudi. kanye west. common. a-trak.

and yes, a little lady gaga.


matthew laskowski

pretty fresh style of illustrations by laskowski, a student at the art institute of boston. looking at urban life, he looks at the technical side over organic and focuses around conceptual art design.

credits: flylyf


air yeezy's

these kicks have been discussed for over a year now. and they finally are about to hit stores. they are only going to be release in house of hoops stores in new york, los angeles, chicago and very few other locations.

kicks probably will run for about two bills.

drop tomorrow.