2create designs

in december, taacit began its design process with a new client. wanting to be branded as a successful wedding & event planning company, they turned to taacit to evolve who they truly were.

with all-over-the-place brainstorms, countless e-mails, and a lot of creative thought, 2Create Designs was born. we developed their logo, company core values, a whole brand identity, and their animated web presence.

here's a little descriptor on who they are:

2Create embodies your visions to-create events a level far beyond your visual imagery.

2Create takes your dreams, imagines them and brings them to life.
2Create is the ideal design studio for a variety of special events.

A custom design studio with multiple years of experience, we aspire to re-invent ourselves with each and every event. Located in Southern California, 2Create is not just your event coordinating company... 2Create is your road to creating a vision you behold in methods that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

2Create will embark on a journey to-create an event that will resonate your dreams and imagination.



jordan in 2009

looks like mike is changing it up this year. as 2008 brings the close of the jordan number collection (I - XXIII), the airness himself is now going to be dropping kicks with the year associated with it. no word on if that'll mean only a pair a year...but with the amount of detail that mj and his crew put into each pair of kicks... makes it all the worthwhile.

credits: hypebeast


pastelle clothing

since 2006, kanye west has been talking about a clothing line he wanted to drop. but he hasn't found the right partners...word is in early 2009, the first past tell store will open up in chi-town. then stores in new york, la, and san fran will follow.

in all his recent performances for 808s & heartbreaks, you can see yeezy in crazy colorful varsity jackets with "pastelle" on the back. he's called it pastelle, past tell, and up until recently, it's now being called the past tell museum.

the logo up on the site is interesting...and nobody really knows what to expect from kanye anymore.

nike is also working with kanye for those air yeezy's, so maybe 09 is a non-musical year for kanye...

credits: kanye live


new kobe kicks NIKEid promo

new commercial aired during the lakers-celtics game on dec. 25. nike's got an interesting ad campaign revolved around it. looking forward to the next few scnes.

this one features kobe himself, his beautiful new kicks, mike epps and dj am...let's also point out that dj am is rocking a pair of the new nike air yeezy's...word on the street is those are set to finally release in early 09 after a long long long wait.

Mike Epps D.J. Am Kobe Bryant. The game's called Horse!!! from Bob Smith on Vimeo.


intuition lies within the heart of an artist

traditionally defined as the conflict between focal and subsidiary awareness, tacit knowledge surrounds the subconscious and the ideas we possess in a deeper place. this material is rarely accessible or easy to communicate. tacit thoughts aren’t sound bytes or tightly clipped words on paper – they’re expressed laterally, through images and allegories. they create a context and relay the core of an ideology. tacit knowledge is always there, bubbling beneath the surface. It’s only through our deep understanding and stillness that this information is tapped, shared and assigned a color.

from this concept rose taacit. whether developing a single image or a multi-layered branding campaign, taacit gently punctures the inaccessible and drinks from the core. we generate visual narratives that tell stories about projects and cultural paradigms. taacit articulations are unforgettable. we share ideas through emotional imagery; taacit targets feelings and feelings inspire action. we are... a design collective.

as a group, we follow all things that hold some sense of inspiration and emotion. in today's design world, the noteworthy art, fashion and music is developed with provoking thought. at the taacit blog, it's only right that our work, and work compiled by others is shared to the masses.