mike snow - animal

mike snow, a talented music head has a new track out...RCRD Label got it up as their free download of the day.

it's his track "animal" remixed by peter bjorn and john.

listen here:

download here.



the folks over at ghostly international describe lusine the best. the man known as lusine has been producing his visceral, melodic strain of abstract electronic music for 10 years now.

i'm not even going to try to describe what type of melody he reveals through himself. listen to it for yourself.

this woman's work

had i been active with posts the past few weeks, i would have probably only been talking about maxwell lately. his new album is just nearly flawless.

take "this woman's work" an older track by maxwell and put it into visual choreography, and you really get something pretty magical. i can't say i have ever watched the show so you think you can dance, but this video shared to me by a friend is something else.

rebuilding the blog

gone for a minute...but i'm gonna get back into this now.