jordan campus chukka

these are a pretty fresh pair of j's. something you really don't see from the jordan camp.

only 200 shoes to be released globally, this simple shoe is just a simple lifestyle-inspired kick. shoes are available this saturday at undftd. only 28 shoes per store.

credits: hypebeast

ne-yo story

i'm a big fan of ne-yo...his music, his writing, his voice...and his videos have been pretty well put together as well. this video story is the connection of two tracks off "year of the gentleman." it starts with "part of the list" and ends with "mad."

and while the end of the first video connects with the second...i dont fully understand the connection of the videos, with the girls and the fight, etc. makes me wonder.


mc hammer flash mob

kind of randomly interesting. a bunch of people in gold mc hammer pants decide to flash mob at a skinny jeans sample sale.


wale - family affair

wale's "chillin" video came at the beginning of the month. and just a few days ago, a second video came out for the track "family affair."

this track, a little bit more serious and real than chillin, features the story of 3 people. check it out.

tone matrix

came across this on another blog. it's pretty unbelievably fantastic. it's called the tone matrix, developed by andre michelle. http://blog.andre-michelle.com

it's described rather simply: simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer. each triggered step causes a force on the underlaying wave-map, which makes it more cute.

might sound a little odd...but try it here. turn those speakers on.



weezy & kobe

new weezy flow on kobe doin' work.


wale video - chillin

been waiting for this for a while. album drops next week. wale's going to rock it this year.