2create designs

in december, taacit began its design process with a new client. wanting to be branded as a successful wedding & event planning company, they turned to taacit to evolve who they truly were.

with all-over-the-place brainstorms, countless e-mails, and a lot of creative thought, 2Create Designs was born. we developed their logo, company core values, a whole brand identity, and their animated web presence.

here's a little descriptor on who they are:

2Create embodies your visions to-create events a level far beyond your visual imagery.

2Create takes your dreams, imagines them and brings them to life.
2Create is the ideal design studio for a variety of special events.

A custom design studio with multiple years of experience, we aspire to re-invent ourselves with each and every event. Located in Southern California, 2Create is not just your event coordinating company... 2Create is your road to creating a vision you behold in methods that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

2Create will embark on a journey to-create an event that will resonate your dreams and imagination.


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