brooke inman

brooke inman is an amazing artist. her mode of art is absolutely stunning. while it may appear simple at first glance, there is so much more to her work, that sometimes, it leaves you glancing for extended periods of time.

a recent piece, entitled "everything color circle" is self-explanatory, but exhilarating to look at anyway. makes you wonder if she does her work in this space, or if this is the space that fuels her creativity.

a thought from brooke's own mind:

Negotiating the detachment of the variety of subjects and relations that surface from one, I record my personal thoughts. This examination of introspection, persistently reflecting the interaction between the worlds we inhabit, is constructed out of rudimentary techniques with honesty and compassion. I hope that by including the petty selfish thoughts with the larger questions about humanity, the work to becomes a mirror, including everyone in my monotonous pursuit of understanding.

credits: booooooom

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