the conversation prism

the conversation prism displays the art of hearing, listening and sharing. at some point in our lives, we have divulged ourselves and our information into some form of media online, be it facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, vimeo, pandora, etc...the list goes on and on.

the prism is an idea brought to life by pr exec, brian solid. he uses the prism to allow others to build a framework to successfully exist inside the social network of the web.

The Eloquence of the Conversation Prism and Social Science

The inspiration for its inception derived from a consistent observation of top-down methodologies and practices of brands, professional and personal, employed to create a presence on the social Web. Simply stated, brands focused on building presences in the most popular communities without regard to how they would attract inhabitants and ultimately interact, let alone whether or not their core ambassadors were present.

The Conversation Prism suggested a reversal in this approach, instead inspiring a bottom-up strategy that promoted social research, mapping, and ethnography. This inceptive sociological fieldwork would change everything and provide the insight necessary to develop an enlightened and cultured Social Media program that could potentially humanize the brand and foster relationships and engender emissaries to carry goodwill across the social web.

to see a the prism in full, go to theconversationprism dot com

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