day n nite

i haven't ever discussed little boots on this blog, but her music style is absolutely pleasing. her voice, her music, her production. she's relatively small, but she is making moves in the music industry.

check out this cover she does of kid cudi's day n nite.

and a note from the enchanting little boots:
you're probs thinking i'm pretty late on this one but i've actually been DJing it out since some time last year and i still love it even though its kind of blown up now... you know a tune's big when you hear girls singing it in the loo in your local in blackpool on xmas eve... anyway playing it like this actually made me listen to the words for the first time and its actually pretty good, really get the feeling of this guy being tortured and not being able to sleep... god i know that feeling... anyway here u go.... not quite as banging as the crookers maybe i need to put more of a donk on it.... SORRY MY PHONE WENT OFF AT THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ridiculous i know, if there were more hours in the day i would record it again but there aren't...... please forgive me

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