go humans go.

i'm not the biggest fan of oatmeal. granted, i don't remember the last time i had a box of quaker oats. but my past weekend in san francisco opened my eyes to a new advertising campaign that definitely is intriguing. quaker oat's new tagline is "go human go." and once i saw it... my only thought was, wow they are doing something super creative to stay relevant. a brand that has been around since we can even remember, they've established themselves as the leader in dried foot products and breakfast.

but they still did this, and it totally refreshes this brand, and arguably makes it hip. totally feeling it. true, a lot of brands are out there with the whole optimistic marketing campaign (see: pepsi, coca cola, bofa), but they are all good and stuff we do need to see...especially with so much negativity around us these days, be it the consistently going down economy, people dying for no good reason around the world, and 13 year old boys being shocked that their 15 year old girlfriend had slept with more boys, and the kid isn't his.

"the quaker campaign is about leveraging human energy to fuel your day and also leveraging human energy to do more for others," said a quaker rep.

that's great.

the campaign was created by goodby, silversten & partners up in san francisco. there's multiple ads and commercials forthcoming. check it out.


  1. you don't like oatmeal? i've gone through almost an entire box of instant quaker oatmeal in the past two weeks. it's yum and low-cal.

  2. stoked to see you called this out. i agree, super creative and refreshing. and although several brands are playing on positive thematics, i feel like Goodby's for Quaker Oats is far cleaner and sincere than the others. 'go humans go' grabbed me immediately. one of the most relevant campaigns i've seen in a while.