dr. dre - detox leak

one of hip hop's most distinguished emcees, dr. dre has been working on the highly anticipated album, detox for over 2 years now. it was originally scheduled to come out sometime back in 2007, and then he pushed it back. then, there was word that it was ready in 2008, but some tracks leaked...and he decided to start from scratch.

dre has been in an out of the hip-hop news a lot recently, talking about 50 cent and the resurgence of eminem, and has been telling people that detox is coming. it's finally coming.

last week, a track supposedly on the album "could have been you" featuring 50 cent, r. kelly and bishop lamont was leaked. safe to say, that homeboy is pissed, furious, upset and who knows what else.

the track, a story of sorts, has each rapper telling the story of a girl they had once wanted, but were never given the proper chance, and after reaching success, wondering why nobody believed in them.

dre, one of the more respected hip-hop veterans has his camp telling online sites to pull the track, and there's a lot of heat. officially, dre or interscope have yet to have a comment. the track wasn't completely mastered or remixed, and i can only help but think that dre will scratch the track completely.

sources: mtv

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