lupe fiasco: free gaza

hate to get political, but this is fresh.

lupe fiasco has been in melbourne, australia for a little bit doing a series of shows. all over australia, there are a number of rallies protesting to end the war crimes and corruption going on in gaza, the ongoing palestine-israel crisis.
in a recent show, lupe reached out to a muslim femalein attendance holding a "free gaza" t-shirt. he took it and place it on the side of the stage and walked off. he returned topless, only to give his shirt to the girl as a way of saying thanks. he then proceeded to throw the shirt into the stands only to receive a huge ovation from the crowd.

he quieted down the crowd with a small belief that there should be peace in every country, no matter the size. timed almost to perfectly, lupe went on to perform
american terrorist. before ending the show, he made a small prayer to all the children stuck in palestine and israel and hoped for them to daydream for better days, followed by a heart-wrenching performance of daydreamin'.

sometimes an artist' heart truly is translated to their music.

credits: lupE.N.D.

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