light up the darkness

master 3, a little known musician has only put out 2 albums to this date. his most recent, music & woman was an album dedicated to as he says, the two things that meant the most to him in his life.

this week, he's released his third album, a concept album as he calls it. loosely basing the idea of the album on the theme of will smith's i am legend, master 3 puts some pretty incredible beats together full of passion and energy. lyrically, he puts words together that are truly meant for hope and creating a movement. the album, entitled "light up the darkness" is a dope array of bass, piano and thought-out beats mixed with master 3's flow.

creating albums for the sole purpose of allowing people to listen, the album is available for download everywhere. his only request...is to "liberate the album as much as possible."

download the album for free here.

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