lupe: hip hop is dead

with all the japanese cartoon hype going on, lupe is makin sure people know that he is not doing the indie thing under the name percival fats, and that percival is a real person, born percival hindenberg fats. “I like those kids a lot,” he said on the okayplayer.com forums. “Met the bass player overseas last year and their publicist/manager is a good friend from like childhood. May sign them. Not me singing though.”

guess only time will tell. but lupe is out there right now making even more comments, talking about the general state of hip hop. “I feel like hip-hop is coming to sort of a..i dare say…an end???...no pun intened,” he explained.
”It’s not the same energy…hasn’t been for a long time…just a bunch of nothing out there…take it how u may…I hope the new vanguard proves me wrong and brings back the day of substance minus the webcam video to announce its return.”

“Not ‘end’ in the since of cease to exist,” he clarified. “But more so transform into something else so expression is more meaningful…I put question marks on it because I still question my own thoughts about the feeling. But so many “what the fuck?!?!” moments have piled up so incredibly over the last few years that it begs a rethink of the trajectory of the art form."

lupe is one of many mainstream hip-hop musicians in the past few months coming out and saying that hip hop is dead. but with only 2 full-length albums behind him, hip-hop as a whole will definitely raise an eye-brow about lupe saying such. or is this just the beginning of his transition to...indie?

lupe also goes onto talk about fresh new faces, the cool kids and anthony hamilton are in the vanguard that he speaks of, and that he hopes their thought-provoking mentality will change and shape a new way into reviving hip hop.

lastly, though no timetable was set...lupe promised that his final album will be out a lot sooner than expected, and that is no longer entitled lupEND but now going with the alias of everywhere.

credits: XXL

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