john forte

ok, wow.

john forte, one of the founding members of fugees, is unreal. like undeniably, one of the smartest lyricists in a long time. he co-wrote most of the fugee's album the score, and has had his imprint on numerous ideals and music concepts living inside of hip-hop as we know it today.

in 2000, forte was arrested at the newark international airport after accepting a briefcase holding $1.4 million worth of liquid cocaine. he was convicted and sentenced to the mandatory minimum of 14 years. since then, lawyers have been working on behalf of forte in hopes to give him a true and fair trial.

on november 24, 2008, forte's was pardoned by george bush and released from prison on december 22. hey, go team bush, go.

talib kweli, a close friend of forte came together in the studio to do a cover of kanye's homecoming. in forte's verse, he discusses the issues surrounding his jailtime.

not going to lie, i never get tired of hearing kweli's voice, but kweli and forte...wow...lauryn, can you come back home now too?

credits: okayplayer

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