japanese cartoon

so word in the hip hop world is a new interesting musical taste by the name of japanese cartoon. apparently, the dig here is, it's a side project by lupe fiasco. already sounds enticing. throw in the british accent lupe flows with, his new alias as percival fats, and no longer hip hop that you would initially assume. he's in complete punk mode.

sounds a little sketchy now, right? not going to lie...the vibe he's kicking is pretty unreal.

however, lupe is saying he's not even the main singer, but rather he's producer, and a good friend of percival fats, lead singer of japanese cartoon, and that he is only financing the band.

the two tracks that are hitting the web right now are "heirplanes" and "army."

check them out via myspace, which has only been up since christmas.

credits: hypetrak

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