yo, that kid cudi

not going to lie...i am nowhere near tired of day n nite. not the original, not the remix. i can't get enough of the track. a lot of people are saying they are tired of kid cudi, saying that he'll disappear again in a few months once people stop bumping day n nite in the clubs...

nah. i truly think cudi is gonna be one of the biggest artists in 09. if i'm wrong, oh well. he's already all over my playlists, cds and i'm banging that kid named cudi album over and over again. with his first full-length album, "man on the moon: the guardians" slated for early 09 under kanye's g.o.o.d. records, there's a new mix tape out there. not new per se, since it's considered to be his greatest hits on a few mix tapes thus far, but it's a whole new look on a mixtape, coming with 21 tracks, music videos, interviews and a short documentary on cudi and some images.

in an interview with the guardian, a uk pub...he talks about his upcoming album. "I’ve been telling everybody it’s going to be the most magnificent album of 2009 and that’s just what it is [laughs]. You know what I mean? I’m not going to say: 'It’s the greatest album of our time.' But people do need to be ready for it. It’s going to be some real, next-level shit."

if you don't already have that cudi mixtape, then go ahead and download the anthem, cause cudi is sticking around for a little bit.

check it:
full mixtape (music, videos, images)
mixtape (music only)

credits: datnewcudi

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