kicked pushed

saw k'naan last night in hollywood, and it led me to look up more stuff on him and about him. real soulful dude. check this video out he did using lupe's "kick push."

but before you watch it, here's why he did it:

Kicked Pushed: Some of you may have heard or read about what happened in Sweden's Gothenburg. Where after the performance a bouncer wouldn't allow me to go backstage to collect my things, though I had my pass in hand. The story is deep, and Sol Guy (my friend and manager) ended up going to jail for the night in Sweden. And me and the band spent the night at the station waitin for him. While it was us who were disrespected and actually physically assaulted, it was also us who were betrayed, processed and reminded of the diseases in the human heart. Fortunately, we were traveling with a camera and so we have some of those people and some of the situation on camera.

Those of you who know my music know that I've never really written for leisure. And that my experiences have always been at the forefront of my music. And you must agree, rarely is life uneventful. But this one called for special presentation. So I wrote a song, using Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push instrumental. Documenting the experience we had in Sweden, I call this song... KickED PushED. We also put together a video for the song, using the ACTUAL footage from the scenario. Nothing is re created, or re enacted, everything that you see is REAL.

Enjoy it (it's hard to say that about this one)

Peace, K'naan.

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