the mixtape about nothing

so this mixtape is old, but with all my continuous posts here and there about wale (more are coming, know this!), i figure i should share his most recent mix tape. this came out back at the end of may in 2008 and was put up by sites elitaste and 10deep, two online realms that wale runs with very closely.

the mixtape is really really good, both production-wise as well as his flow. it's inspired by seinfield as you can see by the album art, but even the titles have a specific "the" before each track like seinfield episodes. and there's no way you can hate on that cover. it's perfect. download link below:

the mixtape about nothing

just a quick note: his new album, with no real release date is entitled "back to the feature" and know this...it's going to be produced by the genius mark ronson, kanye west, just blaze, 9th wonder and the virtuoso french electronic tag team, justice. that's what's up.

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