so a few weeks ago, i started seeing these "be G" advertisements all over the city, some saying to be righteous. some saying be justified. some saying be real. be g.... and i couldn't understand it for the life of me. was it google trying to start something new? no, they aren't that hip anymore. what else was g? was it a marketing campaign for a movie? then i started seeing these commercials with tiger woods, bill russel, mohammad ali and lil wayne doing the voice over about what g is...hell, even the jabbawockeez were in the commercial. i couldn't understand what the deal was.

then came the next array of advertisements showing gatorade's thunder sign. and it all became clear what "G" was. but it's much more than just a drink campaign anymore. gatorade has created a whole new level of advertising/marketing with their new iniative, entitled mission g, a new online sports and entertainment network showcasing athletes and others on their road to finding the "g" and what the "g" is all about.

from videos of people like kevin garnett and tiger woods on the path to finding their "G" to an online TV show hosted by fonsworth bentley...they are creating something unreal and refreshing for everybody. with so much negativity around us, gatorade is working ad agency chiat | day to develop a new brand of entertainment charged with ideas of self-worth, self-evolution, inspiration and a positive mode to living.

can't get mad at that.

here's one of their commercials, featuring jordan, tiger woods, eli manning, usain bold and others...

check out the site: www.MissionG.com

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