kid cudi drama

in other kid cudi news, the new artist was supposed to perform at some point this weekend during all the nba all-star festivities, but reportedly had an argument with reebok officials. security was called, and cudi was tazed. while many reports and blogs have said he was arrested, kid cudi was not, and simply left the venue.
other reports suggest that cudi and reebok were arguing because he refused to wear a pair of reebok high tops (shown above) and opted to wear a pair of jordans. however, cudi on his own blog stated that he did tell them he didn't want to wear them, but decided that he will wear them, forcefully. by the way, if i had to be wearing these reeboks, i'd be pushing for my j's too!

by the way, if i had to be wearing these reeboks, i'd be pushing for my j's too!

here's a small tid bit from cudi's own blog:

"as far as wut REALLY happened, i kno the truth and GOD kno’s the truth and my peoples who were there kno the truth and dats all dat matters…im not finna sit here and break down the whole story bit by bit, scene by scene. yall can believe wut yall wanna believe, i do this for me, my family, the people who like my music and to fulfill my destiny on this earth….thats it, all this gossip column shit is fa suckas….im on some other, leave me the fuck alone, i jus wanna create music, leave me the fuck alone, please!

when suttin else happens (and im sure it will) i will not b mentionin anything on my blog and i will not explain myself on here….this is my last explaination to the world….next time, if it doesnt sound like suttin id do, then 9 times outta ten its suttin i wouldnt do."

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