ten most stylish men

in gq's march issue, they do an interesting piece on the top 10 most stylish men in america. the list...intrigues.

1. justin timberlake, entertainer -The man who helped bring fedoras—and sweater vests, and beards, and three-piece suits, and skinny ties—back - see image
2. mark ronson, dj/producer - see image
3. alexi lubomirski, photographer - see image
4. andré balazs, hotelier/scene magnet - see image
5. kanye west, musician/aspiring designer - see image
6. sid mashburn (and staff), haberdasher - see image
7. t.i., rapper - see image
8. glenn o'brien, gq style guy - see image
9. jason schwartzman, actor - see image
10. ed ruscha and son, eddie, artist - see image

for the full article, check out gq.

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