truly design

truly-design is a pretty sick collective out of italy. at one time, four street artists, rems182, ninja1, mach505, and mauro 149 were all individual artists but good friends. realizing they all had a strong passion for the same works, street art and everything revolving around it.

they consider themselves a artistic collective that specializes in corporate identity, logo design, aerosol art, mural and canvas painting, interior decoration and artwork.

it's been a slow trend, but the corporate world has finally been opening
its door to the urban world where a creativity has evolved to reach new levels that were previously not thought of . the new thought leaders in creativity are no longer the top-notch creative directors in suits.

counter-culture is the new pop culture.

and the people in hip-hop, indie and urban worlds who were once difficult to find, and hiding under a rock...are now the people we look to for creativity.

cats like truly-design nearly define that model, doing work for nike, dc shoes, the european institute of design, fiat, the european union, budweiser and many more.

you can peep their website at www.truly-design.com

check out some of their recent work below:

credits: booooooom

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