rubik's touchcube

The rubik's cube will always be a staple in popular culture.

With the original rubik's cube at nearly 350 million pieces sold, the new touch cube is sure to be a success. The touchcube will feature touch and motion sensor technology on all six sides, a motion detector accelerometer (similar to that found in an iPhone) and colored lights in every square. For many like myself that find solving a rubik's cube a very daunting task, the new touchcube will have a built in solver to help aid new players along with internal memory so you never lose your place.The gaming market has just started to break into motion and touch technology and if allowed to grow will certainly change the way games are played today and in the future. With the overwhelming success of the wii and its current niche in the market place by utilizing motion sense capability, dont be suprised to see more and more.

credits: engadget

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