wale - bringing hip hop back

went to the wale show this past weekend in san fran, and i gotta say, this dude is going to be huge in 2009. from his lyrics to his beats to his collaboration with dc legendary go-go band UCB, wale is on his way up in the hip-hop world. homeboy controlled the crowd unbelievably well too...and he doesn't even have an album out yet.

at the la show, warren g, xzibit and bishop lamont (dr. dre's protege) all came to the show to check him out, and ended up coming on stage to tell the crowd that wale is real.

at the new york show, jay-z made sure sure he and his people had the best seat in the house. for what its worth, leonardo dicaprio, a hip hop fanatic was there too.

even diddy twittered and blogged to make sure that nobody should miss wale when he's in town, because he's that good.

his first single, "chillin" produced by cool and dre is going to drop soon, and it's absolutely ridiculous how good this track is. there's no way around it. his older track, "nike boots" too is an instant banger, whether you're in the club, the freeway, or anywhere else.

watch out for wale, cause he's coming to get it. straight up.

if you don't already have it, download chillin asap. mp3

here's wale performing "chillin" in san francisco on saturday (1/31)

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